12 February 2024

We usually renovate a bathroom just few times in a lifetime. Therefore, when deciding to arrange this interior, it is worth choosing timeless motifs that will not go out of fashion for a long time. We suggest a few interesting solutions that will remain up-to-date for a longer time and are resistant to changing trends.

Neutral colours are always in good taste

A bathroom in soft, universal colours will always be fashionable. For this reason, it is better to avoid single-season colour trends or flashy shades. It’s safer to choose simplicity and colours that are naturally present in nature, like beige, brown, grey as well as black and white. However, if you really want to spice up the arrangement with colour and introduce a pinch of current trends into the room, choose seasonal decorative motifs and accessories such as towels, rugs, candles, organizers, brush containers or soap.

Modularity is a must have

A timeless bathroom is one that has a carefully considered, ergonomic design that easily adapts to the changing needs of the user. Modular furniture allows for such an arrangement, with its elements being easily interconnected to create spacious and functional sets, wall installations or recesses, as well as enclosures for household appliances. The modularity of furniture perfectly aligns with the requirements of timeless interiors, offering endless possibilities. Why? Since modular construction, unlike conventional furniture, can be expanded at any time by adding more modules.

Only high-quality materials

A bathroom should be equipped with the highest quality furniture and sanitary elements for years to come. It is essential not to economize on even the tiniest detail to prevent the occurrence of a malfunction or the often expensive need for repair. When choosing bathroom furniture, you should pay attention primarily to the boards they are made of. In the STILLA collection, the fronts are made of high-quality MDF boards, and the entire piece of furniture is covered with an ultra-modern, light-curing varnish that protects against moisture and discolouration. What’s more, the applied drawer system is extremely important in bathroom furniture. The use of high-quality guides and metal reinforcements on the sides will ensure that using cabinets remains easy and enjoyable, even after several years.

Minimalism is the key

Minimalism is a certainty that allows you to create an arrangement that is stylistically universal, but still at the top of global trends. The perfect idea will be to use simple shapes in neutral colours. Wall-mounted furniture, without any handles, just like in the DUO collection, featuring the PushToOpen opening system, represents minimalism in its purest form. Their compact dimensions and modular design make it possible to install them on the wall, allowing you to make use of the available space above your washing machine or toilet. Alternatively, you can construct an entire wall, thereby increasing storage capacity and organizing the area. This extremely stylish, yet subtle design is the perfect solution for timeless bathrooms.