12 April 2024

Spacious furniture is a must-have in every bathroom. Sufficient storage space will help you keep things organized and create an environment where you can find peace and relaxation. In this article, we will take a look at furniture for truly great needs. Here are our recommendations.

Furniture for great needs

Spacious bathroom furniture plays a vital role in terms of both functionality and elegance. They allow storing countless cosmetics, cleaning products, hygiene articles, and all other necessary things. It is not uncommon to also store a mop with a bucket in the bathroom, which obviously cannot be concealed in a standard cabinet. That is why it is worth approaching the choice of bathroom furniture with caution. Thanks to this, the bathroom will be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.

Not enough space? Grab the module!

What to do when you need an extra cabinet but don’t have enough space? The way out is modular furniture, like those from the Stilla collection. Modularity allows for combining several cabinets together. Modular furniture can be used to create spacious cabinets for the entire wall, large chests of drawers, or built-in recesses. You can also use them to furnish empty walls above the toilet or washing machine. In this way, we will make use of spaces that have been previously unused, and can serve as additional storage space.

Spacious and stylish

Spacious and stylish bathroom furniture? This is the Metro System modular collection, which offers cabinets in three shades of finish: timeless white, fashionable matte black and natural wood décor. Three colour options will allow you to arrange your bathroom in any style. The Metro System series includes cabinets in many sizes, including those only 15 centimetres deep – ideal for fitting shallow recesses. There are two models of handles to choose from (in chrome, black and gold), and optionally available legs, which ensure full stability of furniture even under heavy load.

The furniture bodies are made of high-quality laminated board. The doors, legs and handles are metal, so they are resistant to moisture and easy to keep clean. Quiet and gentle closing is ensured by the soft close system. The door of the column cabinet can be installed on the right or left side of the furniture, allowing you to adjust the layout to individual needs.